Czech Sport Aircraft PS-28 Cruiser: Aircraft-Parts-Training

Features/ Exterior

Elegant, efficient design

From the top of its sharklike nose, over the seamlessly integrated single piece canopy and out to the gently swept wingtips, the PS28 Cruiser is widely regarded as one of the best looking light sport aircraft available today. With the PS28 Cruiser, form follows function with the most elegant of results. An uncluttered exterior and faired transitions between surfaces is not only easy on the eye – it’s also easy on the wallet, with typical fuel economy in the cruise of around ***16 litres per hour.


Arrive in style

Finish your PS28 Cruiser the way you want it, with a range of paint and decal finishes to choose from.

Have fuel, will travel

With its two 57 litre fuel tanks the PS28 Cruiser really lives up to its name. That’s a maximum range of up to 450NM and an impressive endurance of five and a half hours.

Baggage Madam?

With spacious wing lockers even a medium size holdall bag is never an issue and with a 10KG limit either side there no stopping a spot of shopping on your weekend away.

Each wing locker has a dimension of 38cm x 50cm x 23cm.

Prop you up

The Woodcomp Klassic 3 blade prop comes as standard with the aircraft in a great black finish.

Pre Warning

There is nothing more reassuring than being aware of when you get too close to the aircraft’s flight envelope.

This added comfort comes as standard with the PS-28 Cruiser’s stall warning system.

All the trimmings

Simple, effective and a joy to use, electric elevator and aileron trims are fitted as standard and operated by thumb buttons on the control stick.

Dual hydraulic brakes

Powerful hydraulic disc brakes to the main wheels keep you firmly in control on the ground, and optimises short field landing performance with confidence.

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