The sole importer of Czech Sport Aircraft for the UK and Ireland

Features/ Avionics

Dynon SkyView SV-D1000 Glass Cockpit

The latest immersive SkyView glass cockpit system, with large easy to navigate and simple to use interface provides the pilot which everything they need at a touch of a button. With synthetic vision and 3D terrain mapping.

Precision Avionics PM 3000 Intercom

Crystal clear audio between and you and your passenger.

TT21 Mode S Transponder

Big brothers keeping a watchful eye with this mode S transponder giving the ability for radar facilities to see where you are and what height you’re at making sure you and your aircraft are safe.

Garmin GNC 255A Radio

Reading you Fives! Crystal clear radio communications between you and the air traffic control unit – gone are the days of, ‘’say again?’’

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